Citrus + Sugar


pour into your purpose. stir up your joy.


The Recipe


get the ingredients. create your own recipe. live life well.


Evolve into your best self.


Honor yourself and others with kindness.


acknowledge the goodness in your life.


Share from your overflow.


Commit to mutual support with friends.

my own recipe

create your OWN recipe for a life well lived.


The Community 

Don't go at it alone, sis. Our community of girlfriends is here with the support and accountability we all need to create + follow your own recipes for a life well lived. Let's do this thing together.  


The Podcast

Get the ingredients that you need to create a life well-lived wrapped in real girl talk, jokes, and lots of love. Listen in as wellness besties, Tennille + Madi, use science and story-telling to navigate living with purpose + joy.


The Retreat

The Girlfriends' Retreat was lovingly designed by Tennille + Madi with other besties in mind who are ready to be setup for success, stretched, and spoiled.  The two-and-a-half day guided, self-discovery retreat will allow you and your good girlfriend to explore the intentions and practices needed to create your own recipe for the life you want, and live with overflow for the ones you love.

Retreat Location.png