Our Story


It all started on New Year's DAY 2015...

when two good girlfriends armed with notebooks, scriptures, and a mean playlist sketched out the beginnings of what would later become “Citrus + Sugar” a nod to the timeless adage, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." 

Tennille and Madi have been on this journey of helping women live well since 2009 when they co-founded a women’s wellness non-profit with two of their girlfriends. They share the collective purpose of using their own stories, alongside the science to inspire women to create a life well lived, and support one another and their community of girlfriends in both navigating life’s bitter and celebrating its sweet.

Much like a recipe for a great pitcher of lemonade, a life well lived requires the right mix of essential ingredients. The citrus is bold, refreshing, and often tied to purpose, they called that the “soul work.” While the sugar is sweet like joy, contentment, and celebration and starts with “self care.” Together, they used research in positive psychology, holistic wellness, and mental health practice to develop a foundational approach to creating a life well lived and dubbed it, The Recipe.

The Citrus + Sugar Recipe is a five "ingredient" blueprint that lays the groundwork for creating a life of purpose and joy. These ingredients are backed in research and practical strategies for any woman to adopt in any season of life. Today, Citrus + Sugar connects a community of about 2,000 women and provides them with the resources and tools to help guide their soulwork + selfcare journey.

  • We connect women to support one another and share strategies and solutions through our Community.
  • We create thoughtful content based in the latest in wellness and positive psychology research on our Podcast.
  • We celebrate women's stories and journeys at our Retreat

As a company, Citrus + Sugar was founded on seven guiding values. We strive to live our own lives - and guide this business - with these seven values at heart: authenticity, discipline, faith, kindness, learning, sharing, and simplicity.

We each have the power to create a life well lived, and we're meant to live that life in community with others. 

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