Our Team


Tennille Daniels


Tennille Daniels is an operations guru, curator of life-giving experiences, and designer of good spaces for the heart + home.

Professionally, she is a certified project manager with 15 years of experience in healthcare quality, and holds a Master of Public Health degree. Personally, she’s a woman of family, faith, and a die-hard Washington football fan. Purposefully, she is committed to helping women thrive, not just survive. Her purpose journey includes establishing a scholarship foundation for college-aged women in 2007, co-founding a women's wellness non-profit in 2009, and co-creating Citrus + Sugar in 2015. 

Early on, Tennille internalized the belief that perfection and achievement were tied to worth and validation, even love.  Over time, she faced her biggest fear, rejection, which stood in the way of living her best life.  Tennille soon uncovered that her ability to live a life where self worth and love are tied to authenticity instead of achievement required her to do some work. Her evolution and experience in "soul work", as she calls it, became the driving force behind her life's work.

Today, she is blessed to use her experience, her gifts, and her story to help women live their best lives from the inside out. She's currently living her best life in Washington, DC.


Maaden Eshete Jones 

CO-CREATOR, Outreach + Development, THE Sugar

Maaden loves people, gatherings, and goodness  Madi, as she is known to most, has a heart for encouraging people to move on the causes that matter most to them. She's an organizer + designer of heartfelt gatherings of all sizes. And makes it her daily duty to share goodness through giving and gratitude.  

Madi holds a Master of Public Health degree, with a concentration in Social + Behavioral Health, and worked for 10 years in the field of  health communication and management before leaving her public health career in 2017 to take on community-driven work full time. (YAY!)

At 25, she co-founded a health education non-profit for women.  Over the course of five years, she talked to tons women of different backgrounds, from different regions, both older and younger. They came because they cared about their health, and their people -- their families and communities. As they spoke, there was a common thread, their emotional mental wellness was suffering. These women were tired and overwhelmed, posturing as perfect, anxious, and feeling alone. There was, and still is, so much stigma when it comes to mental health that they simply did not know how or where to begin to address it. 

With their stories has her fuel, and her own journey in overcoming anxiety and loss as her roadmap, she dove deep into studying, researching, and organizing practical strategies to help women live fearlessly, joyfully and on purpose. And through the creation of Citrus + Sugar, she has been able to joyfully live out her own purpose. While she wears many hats, faith and family are always first, a wife, daughter, sister and friend. She resides in Maryland with her husband.


Charmaine Pope

Event Assistant, jane-of-all-trade, The Sunshine

In 2011, Charmaine transferred to the University of Maryland Baltimore County where she earned her bachelor's in Health Administration and Policy with a minor in Sociology in 2013, and was initiated into the Lambda Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc in the same year. It was through that network of sisters that she met Citrus + Sugar co-creators, Tennille + Maaden.

Charmaine has a passion for service, women, and healing and began volunteering with Citrus + Sugar  in 2016. A born nurturer,  Charmaine had her sites set on becoming a pediatrician or obstetrician growing up. Over the years, her desire to help and heal through medicine evolved from a western approach to a more holistic and natural one, with essential oils at the core of her practice. If she's not at a salsa lesson, a random road trip, or spending quality time with family, Charmaine is at home in her kitchen creating homemade products and remedies that she one day plans to share with the world. 

Charmaine spent several years working as a Student Life Event Planner where she loved seeing her vision for events or programs come to life. She currently works full time as a Project Coordinator. A key player in the Citrus + Sugar Girlfriends' Retreat, she has been able to flex those same skills as our Event Assistant. Her dream job? To bring together her training in public health, her love of travel, and her practice in holistic medicine to teach and heal globally. A Virginia native, Charmaine is now based in Baltimore, MD.